everyonelovesjensen: Hey there! I sold my hourglass powder, so if you could remove my submission, that'd be great. Thanks! And damn that was fast too! Thanks for making this blog! 

Yay! Glad I could help. You’re welcome. :)

If you’ve sold something through this blog let me know so I can either remove or update the listing! Thank you. :)

Anonymous: Hello. I sent you pictures but you have not put then up yet 

Haven’t gotten anything!


Anonymous: How do I send you the picture 


Anonymous: Hi. Um I want to sell something but I do not have a pay pal account 

A Paypal account isn’t necessary, it’s just highly recommended because buyers get added security so they may not be so inclined to make purchases if it’s not through a Paypal account. 

If you don’t know how you’d get paid aside from a Paypal account there are several ways! Money orders, concealed cash(wrapping the cash up and sending it through the mail), checks (if anyone still uses them), gift cards (pretty much every business has online gift cards now).

Just make a note in your listing that you don’t have Paypal and then you’ll have to work out your payment with the buyer(s). :)

Though, like I said Paypal is highly recommended! Why not get an account? It’s so much easier.

Anonymous: Hello! I was wondering if you could describe to me how this whole this works?! 

It’s basically like this… this blog is a way of bringing makeup sellers, buyers and swappers together. If you have makeup you don’t use/don’t like you can sell it instead of just letting it take up space in your collection! Also, you can buy these products from the people selling them. Or you can swap, if you have something you didn’t like and someone else has something they got in the wrong a shade and you both maybe want what the other has then you can swap items.

If you want to sell all you have to do is submit a listing here, http://makeupbagexchange.tumblr.com/submit (read the rules and tips first). Then if people are interested they will contact you and you make a few extra bucks to buy more lipstick.

If you want to buy or swap, just browse through all the posts. If you find something you want look though the post for the sellers contact info and contact them then they’ll contact you back, you guys will hash out the details of the sale, you buy it then you get some goodies to add to your makeup collection. 

Reading the rules and tips is important for all sellers, swappers and buyers so make sure you do that! http://makeupbagexchange.tumblr.com/rules

Anonymous: I live in the uk.. Can I still sell and bu6y? 

Anyone can sell no matter what so yes, you can sell.

And whether or not you can buy is up to the sellers. Some sellers choose not to ship internationally, so check the individual listings :)