Anonymous: Is this blog dead? 

I hope not! I’m still here, but I don’t get many submissions. It kind of makes me sad, but there is one post in the queue today so yay for that!

the-doctor-and-the-snog-box: Can I ask that if anybody has a MAC eyebrow pencil in the shade 'Fling' going, if they can contact me? 

Anyone? :)

Followers, if you have any items you’re in search of feel free to send me an ask and I’ll post it up just like this one and I’ll tag it with “ISO”

Anonymous: The prices are extremely unreasonable. 

I don’t know why people are telling me this! Just move past it, why do you need to say anything…especially to me!? If it’s something you want then haggle the price with the seller, if not just move on! You don’t complain to Ebay about sellers’ unreasonable prices do you? I agree that some of the prices are a bit high, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t set the majority of the prices. I only set the prices for my own items, which is 4 posts and they are reasonably priced.

erinschaub: Most of these items that say 95% left have maybe 75% left... Do people realize the pans are usually less than a millimeter deep? Also asking close to full price for used makeup is crazy. 

Well, I don’t even know how anyone could even figure that out let alone someone who doesn’t have first hand knowledge about the product in question. How much do you think gets used in one usage? 1%? .5%? Probably not even half a percent.

Since this ask made me curious I decided to do a little experiment cause I have nothing better to do today. I have an unused NYX eyeshadow (shade name is Atlantic for anyone wondering) that has 2.5g of product and some textured paper that I use for face charts.


I made strokes of eyeshadow on the paper. I swirled the brush in the eyeshadow and swiped it like I would if I were applying it to my eye for every stroke.


Each sheet there has 160 strokes on it so that’s a total of 480 strokes. Then I didn’t want to waste anymore of my paper cause I’m running low and I estimated it would be at least 4-5 more sheets (1,120-1,280 strokes).


This is what it looked like when I was done and as you can see I hadn’t even hit pan yet, so these less than a millimeter deep pans have more product than you think.

And I don’t set the prices, tell it to the sellers! :)